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Education for Sustainability (EfS) – Learning Ecologies in Higher Education

The EfS Learning Ecologies in Higher Education project (2019-2022) has its roots in one of the original RCE projects, The Ethical Citizen project (2014-2018), which set-out to develop course materials and practices that could be used to promote the infusion of sustainability in the curricula of higher education. Interestingly, the new project is to adopt a more radical approach in that it will promote the type of EfS Learning Ecologies that not only raise awareness of key concepts, contexts, principles and practices of sustainability, but further inspires or provokes higher education students and staff to take action for sustainability in their daily lives.

The aim of this project is to: 1) Design and develop EfS educational resources and content that can be integrated across a range of disciplinary areas in higher education 2) Provide training for Higher Education academic staff in new and innovative EfS pedagogies (such as the Disruptive Learning techniques) that be used to engage higher education students in critical reflection on sustainability, and their own role in protecting the planet and peoples. 3) Devise a set of Sustainability-related competencies, and outline appropriate means of assessing same in higher education contexts. 4) Map the current integration of sustainability in DCU, and develop strategy for infusion of sustainability across all higher education programmes. The project is being led by DCU, with other RCE Dublin members (such as: Educate Together) partnering in the design and evaluation of the enterprise. This project specifically aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education outlined within Agenda 2030.

For more information, please contact Dr. Charlotte Holland by email on: