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Green Career Counselling with Nature in Mind

The main objective of the Green Career Counselling with Nature in Mind project (2021-2024) is to develop resources for career guidance counsellors that raises awareness of the intersections of green career guidance, being in nature and personal wellbeing.

A key concern in Ireland (as in many countries across the globe) is the mental health and wellbeing of its youth and young people. RCE Dublin partners have identified an opportunity to enable young people to reconnect with nature, while also raising awareness of future opportunities for employment within the green economy.  In doing so, the aspiration is that young people will become more aware that their future career and lifestyles choices can positively contribute to their personal wellbeing.

The Green Career Guidance with Nature in Mind project has the following objectives:

  • Create a repository of case studies (digital video format) that show how sustainability can be the focus (or a feature) of diverse careers/ employment pathways
  • Build lesson plans to accompany the case studies that can be used by Career Guidance teachers in post-primary settings
  • Circulate the resources among career guidance practitioners, and teacher educators, across the island of Ireland
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the resources.

For more information, please contact: