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The Ethical Citizen

The Ethical Citizen project (2015-2017) aimed to develop Sustainability themed courses (with online and face-to-face elements) to introduce the concept of sustainability to staff and postgraduate students across Dublin City University. The initial course took the form of an environmentally themed course exploring post-carbon societies, titled: Post-Carbon World, led by Prof. Barry McMullin, Dr. Stephen Daniels and Samantha Fahy. The format was a series of 10 week-long “online conversations”, initiated each Friday by providing a small set of key online resources on a specific topic, via a dedicated loop online forum created for that week. The first part of the week (from Friday to Wednesday afternoon) was seen as an opportunity for participants to review, comment, and post questions about the target resources. Then, each Wednesday evening from 6.45pm-7.45pm (Dublin local time) there was a live webinar event, in which the facilitators considered the state of the online discussion so far, invited live questions and comments, and suggested further directions for research and debate. The participants were afforded opportunities to propose specific directions or additional areas that could be dynamically included as the course unfolded.  The course materials were developed in 2015/2016, and the course was delivered in early part of 2016, with considerable interest among the postgraduate population in DCU. This project was completed in 2017, and is now superseded by the Education for Sustainability (EfS): Learning Ecologies in Higher Education project, which runs from 2019-2022.