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Horticultural Histories and Heritage Trails

2019 - 2022
The key objective of the Horticultural Histories and Heritage Trails project is to foster engagement in environmental sustainability actions across the DCU, through the promotion of heritage trails within and connecting across the main four campuses of Dublin City University.

Education for Sustainability (EfS) – Learning Ecologies in Higher Education

The EfS Learning Ecologies in Higher Education project (2019-2022) adopts radical approaches to not only raise awareness of key concepts, contexts, principles and practices of sustainability, but further inspire and provoke higher education students and staff to take action for sustainability in their daily lives.

The PULCHRA Project – Open Schooling in ‘Cities as Urban Eco-systems’

2020 - 2022
The PULCHRA project aims to explore the open schooling concept in the theme “Cities as urban ecosystems”.. It encourages and supports students in urban schools to investigate environmental and sustainability issues in their localities with a focus on the topic “Cities as urban ecosystems”.